What does Skat do?

At Skat, we are on a mission to build stable power grids of the future. With missiles hitting energy facilities daily, the need for a resilient grid is as critical as never. We believe the transition to clean energy must be sped up, particularly by including the homeowners in the Green Transition. Only this year Ukrainians installed megawatts of energy backup storage which stays idle in the warm season.
How about building a resilient grid with thousands of home batteries? Yes, we will build the first Virtual Power Plant in Ukraine.

How Skat works

Skat uses the innovative Virtual Power Plant technology which connects thousands of distributed storage devices with energy exchange, creates forecasts for efficient trading on energy markets.

World Class Tech

We collaborate with world best teams in modern VPP technology for seamless connection of home batteries and trading experience.


Electricity costs UAH 2 at night, UAH 4 during peak hours during the day. The cost of one LFP charging cycle is 0.5-1 UAH. On the balancing market, you can buy for 0 hryvnias and sell for 4 hryvnias, and there are several such opportunities per day

One-click connection

You can easily connect to Skat. All you need is an access to the cloud system of your inverter.


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